GPS for HanDBase Plugin – Capture GPS Coordinates in your HanDBase for Android Database

Using the GPS for HanDBase plugin to Easily Capture GPS Coordinates in your HanDBase Database on Android

I know that quite a few HanDBase users who have the app on their Android device have been looking for a way to get GPS data into the HanDBase app. While DDH Software is still working on Plugins to make this happen I’ve come up with a fairly simple way to make this work. I created this solution using the app Tasker for Android. Tasker allows you to use scripts to automate tasks on your Android device in a variety of ways. Originally I thought that users would have to install Tasker to get this to work but the developer has an App Creator tool. Once I figured out how to make that work I was able to create a Standalone version of this Plugin so that users can now just install that. I was able to use Tasker to create this app and allow HanDBase users to grab the GPS Coordinates and store them in a field in HanDBase for Android.

If you are interested in automating your Android device in other ways, such as automatically turning off WiFi when you leave home or turning it back on when you get to work I recommend you check out Tasker. You can even create your own apps, like I did with this plugin, including screens to make them look like Android apps.

While this may not be the perfect solution it’s a great workaround if you need to get accurate GPS data into HanDBase on your Android device. At this time the plugin will only capture the GPS Coordinates so you can paste them into your Database. All you’ll have to do is tap a button in a HanDBase form. I will be looking into adding a way to display these coordinates on a map for a future update.

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