Do Macs really make you good looking?

I didn’t mention when I started this blog that this would also be a place for me to rant about things that frustrate me or that I just find inane. This is one of those posts.

Unfortunately we’ve been subjected to the Windows 7 ads on TV proclaiming Windows 7 was their idea. What I don’t understand is why when they have their “ideas” they are suddenly so much better looking. We all know, by now, that if you are hip and good looking you are a Mac, not a PC. But for some reason in these ads at the point they have their “idea”, which is generally something that’s been doable on a Mac for awhile, they are suddenly good looking.

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Sing, Sing a Song

My wonderful and intelligent sister, Mandy, suggested I somewhat follow in her footsteps. She is posting a pic a day. She suggested I post me singing a song a day. I don’t have the ability to do that, at least not yet. So the other night I thought I could post a list of the songs I sing at karaoke.

This is a little late coming but here is my first post of karaoke songs I sang. I’ll try to post more quickly next time. Here are the songs I sang this past Tuesday at Sharky’s Machine 2, with Todd.

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New Year, New Decade, New Beginning…

Welcome to This website is going to be my personal blog. Who am I you ask? I’m David Devaney, Jr. Well, you ask, why don’t you put your blog on your website then, I honestly don’t have a good answer for that. I had reserved and figured, why not devote that to my blog. Maybe I want to keep it a little separate from myself so that only people who really want to read about me can find it. I’m not really sure but that’s what it is.

Now I know your next question…Who the HEDoubleHockeySticks is Lord Dewi?!? Well I answered that in a Blog post on MySpace back on October 5, 2005. Yes, I know you don’t want to go search for that, even if you are my friend on MySpace so here is what I wrote back then to describe Lord Dewi.

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