Do Macs really make you good looking?

I didn’t mention when I started this blog that this would also be a place for me to rant about things that frustrate me or that I just find inane. This is one of those posts.

Unfortunately we’ve been subjected to the Windows 7 ads on TV proclaiming Windows 7 was their idea. What I don’t understand is why when they have their “ideas” they are suddenly so much better looking. We all know, by now, that if you are hip and good looking you are a Mac, not a PC. But for some reason in these ads at the point they have their “idea”, which is generally something that’s been doable on a Mac for awhile, they are suddenly good looking.

I’m sure you’ve seen the Mac vs PC ads. If not, here is a reminder.

These have John Hodgman playing the PC. He’s nerdy, plump and wears glasses. While Justin Long, who plays the Mac, is hip, trim, and good looking.

Now we have the Window 7 ads. Where nerdy, plump, glasses wearing “PCs” have an idea which makes Windows 7 their idea. But at the moment they have they idea they are hip and good looking, even though they wear glasses. At least in these two that are on TV lately.

So essentially what these ads are saying, to me, is that when you come up with cool ideas for use on a PC in Windows 7, those ideas make you hip and cool, like a “Mac”. What’s up with that. I just can’t understand why Microsoft went there. Why did they have to have have a different actor for when that person came up with their “idea”? Well yeah I don’t want to see that one guy in the shower but regardless it’s just stupid.

Of course the whole “Windows 7 was my idea” thing is stupid. As is the fact that Vista sucks and I still would have to pay at least $100 to upgrade. If you are going to pretend you are Mac with your commercials Microsoft, then at least follow their lead and offer Vista users a $20 upgrade like Mac did for Snow Leopard.

Nuff Said!

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