Twitter Icon lauren ashley bishop has just qualified for her 5th free Pizza from Dominos

Twitter icon, comedy writer, comedy performer, and mother of all dogs lauren ashley bishop  has just qualified for her 5th free Pizza from Dominos. We assume it took many years of trying, lots of training and practice but lauren ashley bishop was unavailable at the time of publication for comment. 

Based on our research lauren ashley bishop has been buying pizzas from Dominos for years but not often enough to get the free one. She would often find that the last free pizza deal expired just when she was going to order a new one. After much effort, and nagging from her son, Señor Dirty Harry, a Part mexican, hairless, all wild, man dog, she was finally able to achieve her goal. After months of training, trials and tribulation she got one free pizza after another, just getting in under the wire on the last one before it’s expiration.

We would like to congratulate lauren ashley bishop on her accomplishment and we look forward to interviewing her when she has qualified for free pizza number ten.

You can find lauren ashley bishop on Twitter – @sbellelauren

Her brain is on Twitter too – @deeppawghts

Her son, Señor Dirty Harry is on Instagram – @senordirtyharry



Byline – Lord Dewi 06/21/2021

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