GPS for HanDBase Plugin – Capture GPS Coordinates in your HanDBase for Android Database

Using the GPS for HanDBase plugin to Easily Capture GPS Coordinates in your HanDBase Database on Android

I know that quite a few HanDBase users who have the app on their Android device have been looking for a way to get GPS data into the HanDBase app. While DDH Software is still working on Plugins to make this happen I’ve come up with a fairly simple way to make this work. I created this solution using the app Tasker for Android. Tasker allows you to use scripts to automate tasks on your Android device in a variety of ways. Originally I thought that users would have to install Tasker to get this to work but the developer has an App Creator tool. Once I figured out how to make that work I was able to create a Standalone version of this Plugin so that users can now just install that. I was able to use Tasker to create this app and allow HanDBase users to grab the GPS Coordinates and store them in a field in HanDBase for Android.

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Tutorial Update – Enhanced AutoHotKey Scripts when Remotely Syncing HanDBase Database for Android with Desktop PC via Dropbox or Google Drive

Set-up the AutoHotKey Macro App for Remote, Automatic Syncing
Before you proceed, make sure you have installed the AutoHotKey Macro App on your computer.

After some additional testing I figured out a way in AutoHotKey to automatically select the HanDBase Conduit Partnership, rather than requiring it to be the first Partnership in the list. I have also added instructions for syncing these files between your Android device and Dropbox or Google Drive to make initiating the sync easier, with fewer steps.

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Tutorial – Remotely Sync HanDBase Database for Android with Desktop PC via Cloud. Using Dropbox or Google Drive


Remotely Sync HanDBase for Android with Desktop PC via Cloud. Using Dropbox or Google Drive

Using the following steps I have been able to successfully synchronize HanDBase for Android with my Windows Computer remotely using Dropbox and Google Drive. This set-up enables a record level sync, as opposed to a file level sync using just Dropbox or Google Drive and FolderSync, or some other sync solution. This allows you to edit or add individual records on your Android device and on your desktop or laptop computer simultaneously. This should also work with most other Cloud Storage apps for Android, assuming there is a way to Synchronize folders to their cloud storage but YMMV (Your Mileage May Vary). Please test this first on your end before implementing this on a regular basis, especially if you use a Cloud Storage system other than Dropbox or Google Drive.

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