GPS for HanDBase Plugin – Capture GPS Coordinates in your HanDBase for Android Database

Using the GPS for HanDBase plugin to Easily Capture GPS Coordinates in your HanDBase Database on Android

I know that quite a few HanDBase users who have the app on their Android device have been looking for a way to get GPS data into the HanDBase app. While DDH Software is still working on Plugins to make this happen I’ve come up with a fairly simple way to make this work. I created this solution using the app Tasker for Android. Tasker allows you to use scripts to automate tasks on your Android device in a variety of ways. Originally I thought that users would have to install Tasker to get this to work but the developer has an App Creator tool. Once I figured out how to make that work I was able to create a Standalone version of this Plugin so that users can now just install that. I was able to use Tasker to create this app and allow HanDBase users to grab the GPS Coordinates and store them in a field in HanDBase for Android.

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