Tutorial – Remotely Sync HanDBase Database for Android with Desktop PC via Cloud. Using Dropbox or Google Drive

Set-up HanDBase Conduit for Syncing
The next step is to open the HanDBase Conduit on your Computer to establish a Partnership. The easiest way to so this is to open the HanDBase Desktop and click the Configure/Sync Menu option and select Android Users. Then continue with the following steps.

  • Click the “Setup New Android User” button.
  • Select the “Memory Card” option.
  • The HanDBase for Android Conduit will then search for a matching folder. Assuming you’ve followed the steps above then…
  • Enter a Name for the Partnership.
  • Click the “Next” button to continue. The Conduit will then Synchronize your databases after creating the Partnership. This will create a Partnership folder in your HanDBase sync folder, just like any other Conduit Partnerships you’ve set up. You can verify this has worked by going to…
    In that folder you should see the new Partnership folder an in that folder should be copies of your databse files.
  • Once complete close the HanDBase Conduit.

WARNING: As mentioned above, DO NOT EVER edit any of the database files that are in the Dropbox or Google Drive folders on your computer. You will need to completely ignore these files and NEVER edit them directly in order for this solution to work properly. Those files are basically a Stand-in for the files that reside on your Android device.

IMPORTANT: In order for this solution to work properly you must synchronize your Android device using FolderSync BEFORE you run the HanDBase Conduit, whether manually or automatically (as will be described below). Additionally, if you know that changes were made to the database files on your Desktop/Laptop you must also Synchronize your Android device using FolderSync AFTER you run the HanDBase Conduit. It is probably the best practice to always synchronize with FolderSync BEFORE and AFTER the HanDBase Conduit syncs, to ensure your data is always up to date and correct.

WARNING: Because Dropbox and Google Drive are Cloud Based storage systems and the synchronization to them and subsequently to your desktop or laptop computer are done over the Internet there is a chance that one of those connections could be down. Due to this, it’s possible that you might Synchronize with FolderSync but if the connection to your computer is down those database files may not be synchronized to your desktop. If you are planning on Syncing remotely please be aware of this.

At this point I’d recommend you do some testing by adding or editing records on both your Android Device and on your Desktop/Laptop. On your computer make sure you are editing the databases that will sync with your Android device by opening them from the HanDBase Destkop after selecting the new Partnership name you created. Then open the database files from the DB Browser for that Partnership. You will not be able to add and edit records on both your Android Device and desktop/laptop simultaneously, if necessary, and see those changes appear on both sides. Because this solution uses the HanDBase Conduit for the record level sync the same specifications and limitations apply as if you were syncing directly to your computer over WiFi. For details on this, please see the following post in the DDH Software Forum.


Once you are satisfied with the synchronization and are seeing that your new records and record changes are synchronizing both ways you can proceed. This next step is optional however it is the main reason for this tutorial. What would be the need to synchronize with Dropbox or Google Drive if you could just sync over WiFi since you’d have to be at your computer to start the HanDBase Conduit anyway.

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  1. Posted by LordDewi on 02.03.15 at 3:17 am

    After completing this Tutorial I decided to take it a little further. I saw some posts on the DDH Software forum from users who couldn’t or didn’t want to use Cloud Storage. Since FolderSync supports FTP also, I started to set up this type of sync also. I’m in the testing phase for this and I will be posting another tutorial specific to FTP syncing since there are some things that are more specific to this. I’ll also include instructions on setting up your own FTP server.

    In addition, I figured out a way to use AutoHotKey to automatically select the user in the HanDBase Conduit, rather than requiring it be the first user in the list. This should also allow remote syncing for multiple users to the same computer.

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