Tutorial – Remotely Sync HanDBase Database for Android with Desktop PC via Cloud. Using Dropbox or Google Drive

Getting Started

Using a combination of the above applications I’ve been able to synchronize my HanDBase database files using record level sync remotely. Since HanDBase doesn’t support this in the application directly you will need to be cautious. The changes are based on both the Date and Time that the database file, the .PDB file is saved, as well as when the record was edited. With this solution there is the possibility that File Level changes will overwrite Record Level changes. For the best results please follow these instructions completely. However, even if you do there are no guarantees that the record level changes will persist. I recommend you backup your Database files before any synchronization, to be safe. I am not responsible for any data loss due to your following the instructions in this tutorial.

You will need to have all of the above applications installed prior to continuing. If you have not purchased the HanDBase Conduit Add-on, included in the Plus/Professional/Enterprise Add-ons you will need to do that first, or at least download a trial version in order to test. You can download a trial of the HanDBase Plus/Professional/Enterprise Add-on from this page on the DDH Software website.


All of the other applications are free or Open Source however you will need to set up an account with Dropbox or Google Drive, or your other preferred Cloud provider to continue. FolderSync does have a Paid version of their program available and I’d recommend you pay for the full version, to support the developer if you use this solution on a regular basis. However it will work properly with the Free/Trial version if you only use one account and don’t need access to filters, which you won’t with this solution.

As mentioned, this solution has ONLY been tested with Dropbox and Google Drive. You’ll want to do your own testing if you use another Cloud storage provider.

NOTE: If you have an existing Partnership with your Android device that you use to Sync, eg over WiFi, you will need to Delete that Partnership. This solution only allows you to sync via this method or using the standard method supported by the HanDBase Conduit. If you do have an existing Partnership I do recommend you sync at least one last time before continuing and then Deleting the Partnership to make sure all of your data is in sync. This will also give you a backup of your data in case you encounter problems and need to re-install a database.

From this point on, this Tutorial assumes the following.

  • HanDBase is installed on your Android Device.
  • The HanDBase Conduit is installed on your Desktop/Laptop computer.
  • You have Deleted any existing Partnerships for the Android device you plan to synchronize with.
  • You have created a Dropbox or Google Drive Accout.
  • You have Installed the desktop/laptop component for Dropbox or Google Drive.
  • You have Installed FolderSync on your Android Device.
  • You have added your Dropbox or Google Drive Account to FolderSync.
  • You have installed AutoHotKey on your desktop/laptop.

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  1. Posted by LordDewi on 02.03.15 at 3:17 am

    After completing this Tutorial I decided to take it a little further. I saw some posts on the DDH Software forum from users who couldn’t or didn’t want to use Cloud Storage. Since FolderSync supports FTP also, I started to set up this type of sync also. I’m in the testing phase for this and I will be posting another tutorial specific to FTP syncing since there are some things that are more specific to this. I’ll also include instructions on setting up your own FTP server.

    In addition, I figured out a way to use AutoHotKey to automatically select the user in the HanDBase Conduit, rather than requiring it be the first user in the list. This should also allow remote syncing for multiple users to the same computer.

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