Tutorial – Remotely Sync HanDBase Database for Android with Desktop PC via Cloud. Using Dropbox or Google Drive

Set-up Syncing on your Device.

While you don’t necessarily need Dropbox or Google Drive installed on your Android device for this solution, I’d recommend it just so you can check that files are uploaded at times. Additionally, in my test I had both installed and I don’t know if FolderSync will work properly without them installed. This was tested using FolderSync Lite ver If you have an older version this may not work and you may want to update.

To continue, do the following.

In your Dropbox or Google Drive Account create a folder that is designated for your device. For example I created one called “MotoX”. In that folder create another folder called “HanDBase”. If you are using Google Drive and only want this folder to synchronize to your computer, and not all folders and files that you add to Google Drive, refer to their documentation on how to accomplish that.

Then on your Android device do the following.

  • Open FolderSync.
  • Tap Folderpairs
  • Tap the + near the upper right corner to Add a new “Folderpair”.
  • Enter a Unique Name for the “Pair”. I entered “MotoXHDBGoogle”, for example.
  • Select “Two-way” for the Sync type.
  • Tap the “Remote Folder” field and select the folder you created for your device, eg “MotoX”. Then open the HanDBase folder there. Tap the Check Mark near the upper right corner to selec this folder for the “Remote Folder”.
  • Tap the “Local Folder” field and locate the HanDBase folder. If you have a Memory Card you may need to switch to that before you’ll find HanDBase. Open the HanDBase folder and then tap the Check Mark near the upper right corner to select that folder.
  • Tap the Sync Options edit option.
  • Check the box for “Retry sync if failed”.
  • Change the “If conflicting modifications” option to ” Overwrite oldest”.
  • At this time don’t change any other options, unless you need to be able to Synchronize over 2G/3G/4G. By default it will only sync over WiFi.
  • Tap the Save option to save changes.
  • Tap the “Sync” button to synchronize the files.

At this point your files/databases will be synchronized to your desktop/laptop computer. Double-click the Dropbox or Google Drive icon on your computer to verify that the databases have been synchronized.

WARNING: NEVER Open or Edit these database files directly. If you do you will lose the Record Level sync capability that is provided by this solution.

At this time it is NOT recommended that you set up Scheduled syncing with FolderSync. If you do this you may wind up with data loss and the loss of record level syncing. Because you are syncing the HanDBase folder on your Android device it is directly accessing the database files that HanDBase uses, as opposed to just making backup copies of these files. If you have Scheduled Syncing enabled and happen to have one of your databases open in HanDBase and you are adding or editing records you may find those records gone when you finally close the database and exit HanDBase, depending on when the scheduled sync happened. If you choose to enable this you do so at your own risk.

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  1. Posted by LordDewi on 02.03.15 at 3:17 am

    After completing this Tutorial I decided to take it a little further. I saw some posts on the DDH Software forum from users who couldn’t or didn’t want to use Cloud Storage. Since FolderSync supports FTP also, I started to set up this type of sync also. I’m in the testing phase for this and I will be posting another tutorial specific to FTP syncing since there are some things that are more specific to this. I’ll also include instructions on setting up your own FTP server.

    In addition, I figured out a way to use AutoHotKey to automatically select the user in the HanDBase Conduit, rather than requiring it be the first user in the list. This should also allow remote syncing for multiple users to the same computer.

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